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Health Tourism Events

Health Tourism Events

Health Tourism Events

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 The 4th edition at the #African #Congress #Medical #Tourism AMTC Tunisia'23.

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All Africa Medical & Wellness Expo

Where the world decides the future of healthcare

Live in-person:

Date: 30th - 31th August, 2023

Venue: Nicon Luxury Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria

Welcome to All Africa & Wellness Expo (AMWE 2023), Save the date!

You are highly welcome to All Africa & Wellness Expo (AMWE 2023)

The African biggest event of the year, Where the world decides the future of Healthcare




Medical Tourism Forum

panel Discussion

B2B Meeting

Congress Overview


  1. African Access to Quality Healthcare
  2. Identifying key challenges facing healthcare system in Nigeria
  3. Ethical and legal concern in medical Tourism in Africa
  4. How would medical tourism impact on Nigeria’s Healthcare System
  5. Robotic Surgery: role, structure and impacts in Nigeria’s healthcare
  6. Stem cell management & impacts on Nigeria Healthcare Services
  7. The role of international organization in Africa Healthcare
  8. Collaboration between Healthcare Service Providers and Medical Tourism Professionals.

Panel Discussions

  1. The role of Medical Tourism in Strengthening Healthcare Services in Africa
  2. Legislations, laws & regulations on medical malpractices, negligence, medication errors and healthcare fraud
  3. Technology Advancement & Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Services in Africa

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